Boiled the dozen shells I got from Hobby Lobby, thought Vinny was gonna change pants first because she was eyeing them last night but I found Al in a new one this morning!

2022.01.23 11:40 itskatkokay Boiled the dozen shells I got from Hobby Lobby, thought Vinny was gonna change pants first because she was eyeing them last night but I found Al in a new one this morning!

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2022.01.23 11:40 spinspin4 Wtf

Trying to move my Bezoge but it Kris failing in CBW. They keep taking mine fee’s even though the transaction keeps failing. Anybody else having this experience? Any suggestions on what to do?
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2022.01.23 11:40 Fantastic_Map_693 ETH GUVERAWAY | UPVOTE | DROP YOUR WALLET

The Crypto Park collection of a large number of hand made pixel trees NFT with different levels of rarity, on the WAX ​​blockchain.

The WAX ​​platform is much more convenient to purchase and easy for use. It does not require large commissions in buying and selling NFTs ( - Marketplace.

Our main task is landscaping nature, we cooperate with Plant a Billion trees and give them 15% of sales

By purchasing our NTF you support the fund for fighting deforestation and get access to our game: by planting trees you will receive TCP tokens depending on the number and rarity of NTF trees planted by you.

Start of the P2E game and start of sales: end of January

Now you have a chance to be included in the group of early adopters!

Detailed information on our website.

Let's save our nature




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2022.01.23 11:40 Civil-Insurance2380 Gender

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2022.01.23 11:40 the_fried_french Day 28 of random Saiki facts: Saiki has saved the world 7 times now.

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2022.01.23 11:40 raindrop37 The best boy void. Meet Bernard. 😻😻😻

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2022.01.23 11:40 hiifoundthis How challenging is it to land a job in Europe? (Non-EU passport holder)

Hey everyone!
Teaching in Europe has been my dream for awhile now. I’ve put in applications on Teacher Horizons for the past two years, with no luck. My goal is to try to get a position this year, or I am just doing Spain’s NALCAP program.
Background info: I will have 5 years of teaching secondary English in May and I am licensed to teach in two states. My resume is looking pretty good- I’ve taken on leadership roles at my school and have been rated highly effective for four consecutive years.
Thank you!!
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2022.01.23 11:40 Traditional-Push8077 Where to go, AB-MMA or AB-Animation?

Hello! This will be a very long post because I am very conflicted.
I am a freshman at another uni looking to transfer here for the next year. I was just conflicted on which course to go to, Multimedia Arts or Animation; because on one hand, I know MMA careers are more financially stable because they're so versatile and graphic design generates a lot of income. But on the other, animation is what I want to go to because you learn how to create stories through animation and that's something that I want to do. AB-ANI was even the course I got accepted to when I first applied to CSB, I only declined because my parents didn't allow me to go but after talking to them, I'm happy they now allow it.
The reason why I was thinking of AB-MMA was that I felt like I needed to learn about design because I felt like it was a necessity for all artists especially nowadays when we need more problem-solving designers in many fields (e.g. advertising, gaming, etc.). I literally know next to nothing about design so I was thinking maybe I should go there to at least have the basics down? I also considered CSB's uploaded program specification which states how versatile MMA is because you can go almost anywhere after. It even has 2D and 3D Animation for Multimedia! So, I was wondering if that would be enough to know for animation. I know that there are many animators out there who don't get a degree in animation but are working in the field, so I was considering that maybe it was enough. Another thing to consider is that MMA allows you to delve into different kinds of art like photography, film, typography, etc. that I am interested in too. I think having a diverse background is beneficial in the long run too.
What I know about the animation industry in the Philippines is that it is rough and not as lucrative as MMA. I've heard that there were even many stories as to how animators are mistreated here and that its better to work abroad for animation instead (but I'm reluctant about going abroad because I want to stay honestly).
AB-ANI has courses dedicated to animation alone based on their program specification so it's not as versatile as AB-MMA. My question now is what does AB-MMA offer that AB-ANI does not offer and vice-versa? Is it better to go for MMA because it would grant you a versatile and lucrative career path or ANI because it's the path that allows you to express what you want to express?
It's clear that I want to enter animation, but I wanted to see if it was better to go for MMA rather than ANI for all those reasons. I love and practice all kinds of art but I always wanted to create stories through the animation medium since I was younger. Which path do you think is right?
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2022.01.23 11:40 Miss_Mizzy The Tyranny of Time

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2022.01.23 11:40 ShotgunAnaconda I made a wishlist calculator to see theoretical sales and revenue based on the amount of wishlists you have

You can find it here:
Don't edit the original, press File -> Copy, then you get your own copy which you can edit.
Basically, I wanted to have an easy way to see what X amount of wishlist's meant in money and sales for my own game Velocity Noodle. There are similar things out there hidden behind email subscriptions or loose articles. I collected a bunch of best practices and accepted numbers and put them all into one spreadsheet.
It's not too complicated, in the Calculator tab you'll find three columns. The one you need to edit is the blue one called "Input Data".
Fill out your price and amount of wishlists you have (or are aiming for) and the calculations do the rest. There are extra fields if you want to change the VAT (if you e.g. live in Europe like me) and/or add your various costs. An extra field is at the bottom which is your average price over a period of time. A game is very rarely priced at 100% over its lifetime, sales and bundling is a big part of the storefront so put in what you think will be the average % the game (70% seems to be an accepted value, meaning 30% discount will be the average over the game's lifespan).
The yellow Column has the actual values that are used in the equation, you can change these if you want to theorize or if best practices change with time.
The green column is your actual results with the money you get from Steam at the bottom. Then there are some extra calculations to the side to see per unit data.
Now I must stress this is all theoretical and should not be seen as absolute truth, but it can help with building expectation or forecast. Also remember wishlists seem to have a "best before" date, you can hoard them forever but the longer you wait the less likely people are to convert.
I hope it helps someone :) Shameless plug: please check out my newly released game if you have some extra time
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2022.01.23 11:40 A-Z123 Bedroom Oasis

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2022.01.23 11:40 mmb300 How can I get myself to work.

As any person I want to be successful in life but I know that I'm not going to reach my goals without working a lot the issue is getting myself to work weather that be studying or something else I just can't get myself to do it. Can anyone give me any advice on how I can get out of this state and just work?
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2022.01.23 11:40 davidindigitaland You Don't Wanna Know - Loudon Wainwright III

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2022.01.23 11:40 Professional-Ok If the instructions say to "take in between meals", can I take it first thing when I wake up?

I usually eat about an hour or so after waking up. I have a new saffron supplement that says to "take in between meals". On Google I found something that says "take at least 2 hours after your last meal, and an hour or so before your next meal". Does this mean I can just take it first thing in the morning, since its way more than 2 hours since my last meal and an hour before breakfast? Seems way more convenient for me
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2022.01.23 11:40 Luvio76 Game crashes EVERY raid

I have been playing tarkov for 800h and never had problems with frames or crashes But since last week my game crashes EVERY raid, usually just once and than it works for the rest of the raid. Sometimes it doesnt crash but I have like 5fps and have to restart. I reinstalled the game yesterday and it didnt crash once. Today it crashes again. It is so annoying because It randomly crashes when it was just running at 90fps. second before. I get killed so often while im disconnected somewhere on open field.
Please, if anyone has an idea that could help, tell me 🙏
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2022.01.23 11:40 alikshev What are your tricks against the bosses? How do you prepare?

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2022.01.23 11:40 michaeljordansjeans 👀👀👀

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2022.01.23 11:40 Radudek332 Looking for dance pad graphics

Im looking for some graphics for a custom dance pad that im making, i already have some graphics, but i dont exactly like them, so whay im asking is, anyone out there have any simple/futuristic looking graphics for a pad? And i also mean for all panels, that being up/down, left/right, front corners, back corners and the middle. If anyone has any graphics like this, please share them in the comments, thanks in advance!
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2022.01.23 11:40 saykene10 When Pucci installs twitter

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2022.01.23 11:40 leave3644 Would love to hear yours though on this! I am working on a community platform that provides reliable knowledge, 1:1 networking, and personalized treatment for women in the menopause stage.

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2022.01.23 11:40 dirrtyremixes Cicana [23-Jan-2022]

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2022.01.23 11:40 xhb69624 Trip report: Tried boofing instead of pills for the first time ended up with intense nausea

M/27 1.90m @ 86 kg.
Prior experiences I smoke weed regularly up to 4x per week with friends in the evening and besides that I've only tried some salvia 10x extract two times.
First few times 2C-B I've bough a few 2C-B pills, labeled at 22mg (probably underdosed like most around ~10mg), a while ago and tried these as my first psychadelic.
First time Wanted to halve it but it ended up being more like 2/3 of a pill. Took it 30 minutes after eating a heavy meal. The effects included enchanced bright colors, music sounded AMAZING and I felt more talkaktive and euphoric. No OEV/CEV. Pretty good experience overall.
Second time One day later I've decided to go for a full pill and didn't eat for like 5 oder 6 hours beforehand. Listened to some music during the come up and felt like dancing. Effects matched the previous dose but this time I was getting mild visuals, like breathing, felt very light and had a very "lovey" feeling. Lost myself for a few minutes while gliding my fingers through some blanket being amazed by it breathing to my movement. I also had fun looking into the flickering of a candle and seeing a different shadow each time on the inside of the jar. Loved it that I could absolutely control the experience. I could bob my feet and I felt like I was standing on a platform in the water that was moving to my movement. I was grinning the entire time and felt like all my problems didn't matter. Dipped my toes in the water by taking 4-5 hits of a spliff. The overall experience felt more amazing than the previous and I felt like a child that went to disney land.
These 2 experiences were at a good friend of mine who only did weed and looked out for me. We watched movies and I talked to her how I feel, what I'm seeing etc. At no point did I feel unwell besides maybe the clammy hands and feet.
Third time One week later I've taken a full pill 30 minutes after a light soup. Since I was feeling quite nauseous the entire week and just got my booster vaccination I made a thermos bottle of ginger tea beforehand and drank it during the 1h come up. Watched "Into the Spiderverse" and I absolutely loved it. My arm, which hurt from the vaccine, felt light just like my entire body and I didn't notice the pain anymore. My regular liquid vape tasted so fucking good. However since I was alone this time and watched it on my tablet in a dark room with my dog, I barely had any visuals. Took a shower since I was sweating heavily and it felt super relaxing. Watched "Dr. Strange" afterwards and by the end of the movie I felt like the effects wore off. Matched more like the first experience with 2/3 of a pill.
Basically I've had very little nausea each time I've took pills. I also had Dimenhydrinate pills on hand just in case the nausea got overwhelming but I didn't have to use them. After the third experience I've ordered some NAC and took them daily.
Skip ahead one week..
First time boofing Preparations Yesterday I went for a big walk with the dog at noon and I've noticed I felt more happy than usual the past 2 days. So I decided to try boofing HCL powder (reagent test result) I've bought a week ago. Measured 10mg (+/- 1mg) and dissolved it into 1ml of water I've allowed to get to room temperature over 1 hour. Stirred it for like 5 minutes until I barely could see the powder in the water anymore.
Plugging T+0 (9.35pm): I've eaten 4 hours prior (a footlong sub) and had my ginger tea thermos ready again. Off to the bathroom, grabbed some vaseline and went back to my bed. Laid on my stomach and emptied the syringe very slowly. Felt pretty weird to me boofing but here we go.
T+10: Feeling the urge to fart or to poop due to the water in my butt. I've read that this is normal and should go away within the next 15 minutes. Watched a youtube video to distract myself and drank a ginger tea. After finishing it I've put the blanket on, switched positions and laid on my back.
T+20: Started to get sweaty hands, colors felt more enchanced. I've put on "Rango" and go with the flow. Had some anxiety just like with pills but it was the excitement.
T+30: I'm getting rushes of feeling cold/hot but these seem a bit stronger than with pills and I'm shivering from time to time although the heater is on and im tucket in a blanket. Some nausea kicks in, but its not like the nausea I've felt the last two weeks and more like motion sickness. Tried not to focus on it and drank another cup of ginger tea.
T+40: Couldn't stand the weird feeling in my butt anymore and went to the toilet. Not much came out but at least the weird feeling went mostly away. I noticed that the towels started to "breathe", just like in my second pill experience. Drank the last cup of my ginger tea and had trouble with it as it tasted more intense. I noticed I feel off, kinda like after smoking a lot of weed.
T+60: I notice I didn't have the euphopric "child-like" feeling of pills this time and instead felt a lot more connected to the movie. I've watched it with a lot more focus and empythy than I usually watch movies and rooted for the little lizard. The cold/hot rushes continue to come in waves.
T+75: Went to the toilet 2 more times. The nausea I felt was very heavy from this point on and I was about to vomit; but I couldnt. Noticed I started to get hungry but paired with the nausea it was hard eating the melon-mix I've bought beforehand. Took my time and finished it anyways (the honeydew melon tasted amazing).
T+90: I decided to drink some ginger extract since the nausea didn't go away. Took a few hits of my weed vape at 205°C. Tried to eat some chocolate but it felt absolutely disgusting and had to spit it out. Still running to the toilet from time to time feeling like I have to poop and/or vomit. Chewing on some gum as I notice my jaw is clenching a bit.
T+105: The cold/hot waves finally stop. The nausea doesn't and I feel like it's getting worse. I take like 6-7 more hits of weed and start munching on a small bag of chips. Although drier I could eat it easier than the the melon-mix.
T+120: The nausea feels overwhelming. When I focus on the tiles of the bathroom, I still run often to, it seems to spin a little (just like being tipsy but not drunk). I end up in some thought loops how boofing is a lot harder on me than the oral ROA and how unpleasent this trip feels. Might be from the weed. I decide to practise some 4-7-8 breathing for 3 minutes and I break these thoughts.
T+150: Tried to watch another movie but given the nausea I couldn't focus on it at all. Had to restart it 15 minutes in. Running to the toilet has become routine by now. For the last 30 minutes I had a bucket near my bed ready because I felt like I was ready to vomit any time. Downed two pills of Metoclopramide against the nausea. Still felt off, kinda like in a very mild dreamy state.
T+180: Decided that I'm not being able to continue watching the movie given the nausea. Nothing really helped. I've put on some YT video and felt asleep within 20 minutes.
TL;DR Tried boofing for the first time yesterday after a few great experiences with pills. Had intense nausea and felt off. Is this common or was this my "regular" nausea I've had trouble with since 2 weeks impacting my set?
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2022.01.23 11:40 joeyswoley For the guys who recently discovered the RP, check out the following

Barabarossa: Chateau Heartiste: Coltaine: HuMAN: Coach Greg Adams: Thinking Ape/Stardusk: Sandman: Paul Proteus (R.I.P): Big John: Karen Straughan: Diana Davidson:
These guys were some of the first to begin speaking out on female nature and the rp. This could be a supplement to the facts that FnF drop.
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2022.01.23 11:40 Meeeesta Amygdala is just refined goodluck and Goodluck was awful

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2022.01.23 11:40 ArcSaber__17 Talamasca - Super Hero

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