Sabo is going to deck Akainu

2021.11.29 23:29 RealLiveLuddite Sabo is going to deck Akainu

Full disclosure, I'm an anime only fan, and I only watch the dub so I'm some 300 episodes behind. That being said, here's why I think it's going to be Sabo that takes down Akainu rather than Luffy:
There is no reason that the magma fruit should be stronger than the flame fruit. Yeah, magma is hot and all, but fire is what the sun is made of. There can always be hotter flames, there can't always be hotter magma because at some point magma boils and stops being magma anymore. I think that Ace lost to Akainu not because his fruit was weaker, but because he was weaker, and that makes sense. Akainu is currently fleet admiral, he tossed aside Marco like he was nothing and Marco was higher ranked in WBs crew. Sabo, however, is considerably stronger now especially than Ace was then, he might be able to make his flames hot enough that he actually hurts Akainu. There's also a certain poetry and symmetry to the flame fruit taking down the magma fruit after having lost to it previously. Plus, we know that the revolutionary army is at some point going to take on the world government, and obviously Akainu has a boss who is going to be the target of either Dragon or Luffy. The more we learn about the inner workings of the WG, the more obvious it is that Akainu is not their boss fight I think. Sorry if this got a bit rambley
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2021.11.29 23:28 ComprehensiveBar2226 Day 2

And I can’t stop my thing going down it just goes up anytime it wants it’s getting frustrating
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2021.11.29 23:28 Ev3rst0rm Insane how poorly this aged.

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2021.11.29 23:28 Freshfistula For those of you loving the Boulet Brothers dynamic, this is a must see- “Besties for Cash”

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2021.11.29 23:28 StrongQuarter1144 My rankings on the Season 24 Chefs.

  1. Paige (I’ve been trying to make her look like the Marc of the season, where she is constantly blaming everyone for her mistakes, and is not getting along with most of her teammates, but there is one that has tolerated her.)
  2. Rohan (He’s the Gia of the season. Yes, Gia from season 16. Remember when he faked an injury during dinner service. If not, then you’ll have to read it all over again)
  3. Dominic (He definitely did get Kevin’d big time. His mistakes were more similar to Kevin in S20, as he sent up more raw lobster. However, Dominic sent up undercooked and overcooked at the same time).
  4. Chrissi (And yes, what a hot mess she was. She definitely had no talent or passion to stay in the competition, which caused her to become inconsistent throughout her run by sending bad dish after bad dish. She is the mix of Matthew and Raj).
  5. Felix (Although, never participating in a dinner service, he did seem to get along with his teammates. Although, he had a great attitude, he cleaned on his own during the first punishment, after costing his team the win with using pre made food for his signature dish! What a meatball!)
  6. Caitlyn (Caitlyn was another weak link on the red team that they got rid of before they won their next two services. She was a train wreck, and just like Chrissi, she had poor performances in challenges and service, and her uneven cut duck cost her team the second challenge win. Way to go Caitlyn).
  7. TJ (He was shown to be a little artistic, but during the CFYL challenge, he made one flaw. Not serving a side dish. If you want to be a good chef, your dish has to at least have a side dish).
  8. Kyle (He was trying his best in the competition by delivering a delicious dish during the signature dish challenge, but delivering a not-so delicious dish during the punishment pass challenge. He then got back up by winning the second challenge for his team, but on his final dinner service, he became the Alex chickengate.)
  9. Jonah (You May know about her brother, Kevin from GermanAutistic’s Season 22. He didn’t make it far as she did, but Jonah did also have a medical exit after Cliff took her place in the reward. However, she was a little inconsistent making her the #10 spot).
  10. Braden (He did start off inconsistent in his season, but managed to try his best. He was inconsistent for his whole time on the blue team, which got him sent to the red team, due to Donna’s strictness. When he started on the red team, he survived the CFYL challenge against TJ, and became BOW, he started being more consistent to get a black jacket, but ultimately went back to inconsistent by not saying a word during the running the pass service, although his showmance with Sabrina got in his head.)
  11. Donna (Although I tried to make her the Declan of the season, she was shown to be too strict on her teammates when she was the team leader. Even her feud with Paige got the better, but she did manage to develop friendships with many others. Donna does know how to be a leader, but she was very bossy).
  12. Sam (She did have a lot of respect for her teammates, propelling them to challenge wins, and dinner service wins, but when Angela got moved to the blue team, she slowly went on a downward spiral, causing her to send raw chicken twice. Despite that, she did form tight bonds with her teammates, and even some people on the blue side.)
  13. John-Lukas (Despite a little weakness in him, he still managed to make it to the finale by narrowly beating Sabrina. Despite being picked in the finale, he was also the first finalist to participate in the CFYL challenge, as his teammates believed he was the weakest, but he managed to bounce back. He even carried them to an excellent service after the CFYL challenge. Unfortunately, John-Lukas wasn’t that skilled as Cliff to take home the win).
  14. Jamal (I think that Jamal was the funniest one to have around in the kitchen, while starting off cocky, he became more friendly, as Angela came in the blue kitchen to rescue them. Never nominated until final 7, which he was sent home, after screwing up Charity Night. Despite that, Jamal has helped his team win successful services, and thanked that Angela was carrying them like a machine.)
  15. Julie (She started off as the strongest chef on her team by winning the first two challenges, earning her one of the punishment passes. Despite the inconsistencies of her other team mates, she put her mind of them, and delivered during dinner service, until her final one where she barely said a word. Maybe because it was the speed from the car racing reward).
  16. Cliff (He was definitely the biggest win of the season. Talented, friendly, passionate, and follows directions. Cliff pushed through without getting nominated in his entire season. He is also the third fanfic winner in a row to not get nominated following GermanAutistic’s Ava, and my S23 Bella. Definitely the best of the best. He also formed bonds with most of the chefs, including a tight one with the women when he used his punishment pass to go on the grandest reward ever, I think you know what we’re talking about. If not, go check it out).
  17. Angela (Angela started off strong on the red team, by taking over as the leader after losing Chrissi and Caitlyn. Due to her leadership skills on the red team, she got moved to the blue team to strengthen them up. Good thing she is more like a Natalie than she is with Amber. She helped the blue team rattle back, and win many dinner services, but had fewer challenge wins. Unlike Braden losing 4 challenges in a row after getting moved into the red team. Angela was helpful, until her sloppy dessert in the black jacket challenge cost her the 5th and final black jacket against Braden).
  18. Sabrina (Sabrina was a fun one. Although she did not make it to the finale by a milestone, the best thing about this season would be her showmance with Braden. Not only did she develop a showmance with him, she also pounded her way through the competition by securing many challenge wins, and developed a lot of friendships with her fellow chefs. She is the beauty).
What are your thoughts on my contestants for Season 24. Plus, I had fun writing this. Also, Season-Season just posted the first episode a month ago, and it doesn’t look like she came back. I’m wondering if her season is on hiatus. Anyways, if she is finished, I think I’ll make another season this time called “Hell’s Kitchen: Millenials vs. Gen X”. It will feature 2 teams of Millenials in the red kitchen who are chefs in their 20s. The Gen X team will be the blue team, and it will be chefs in their 40s.
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2021.11.29 23:28 SubstantialSystem424 Alguien me hace rol de martu

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2021.11.29 23:28 JammersOtaku Hello! I made a very short video recommendation list of Asian romance comedy drama Series where the Male Leads are Crossdressing as a Girl (genderbender)

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2021.11.29 23:28 -BlackThunder When you finally get the RoD

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2021.11.29 23:28 Bringbackglobalcoc Looting boxes question for the vets

So I’ve noticed that lootabke crates and boxes are open if there’s nothing in them. However, some are much more wide open than others. Is there a reason for that?
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2021.11.29 23:28 mylinux2 VMware Virtual Machine Slow Linux Troubleshooting Guide

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2021.11.29 23:28 Strange_Discussion_9 🌙MetaTokyo $MTK - TokenSniffer TREND‼️ Buy Back Token with NFT marketplace and imminent moon incoming 🌙

🚀 MetaTokyo is a decentralized crypto network that is earned, owned and governed by the community from the outset. No more presale.
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2021.11.29 23:28 yetanotherblankface [Gifted] Birthday Buddies!!

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2021.11.29 23:28 shirtsbarn New Gem Loading | ⚡️Racewayx Gaming Experience⚡️| Revolutionary blockchain game, built on Binance Smart Chain.

RacewayX is a revolutionary blockchain game built on the Binance blockchain. It is built on the philosophy that players should own in-game assets and be rewarded for their engagement.
With RacewayX platform, users will not only play and get rewards from their activities, but they can also maximize their income with various available features such as staking/farming programs or through trading NFTs on secondary marketplace. Gameplay The game flow involves owing or renting a NFT car, selecting a race, choosing your race strategy, and viewing the results. The races happen in the background and are determined primarily by your strategy alongside a weighted random algorithm. To play RacewayX you first need to buy a car. (mint or buy at secondary market).
Features of RacewayX Game: 👉Interactive P2E Game 👉Farming and Staking 👉NFT Marketplace 👉 Metaverse
Governance Token Ticker : RWX Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
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2021.11.29 23:28 YurinaKuma I did a vocal cover of Lily's recent song, "summer nights"~

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2021.11.29 23:28 Yeeteus_Maximus I’d rather sleep

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2021.11.29 23:28 uhhhhhjeff Manhattan skyline

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2021.11.29 23:28 Delegation Can't imagine ordering from here, but I got a good laugh.

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2021.11.29 23:28 PokemonMasterJay Need Help sending gifts need friends

6622 5360 6936 would appreciate all any help thank you in advance
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2021.11.29 23:28 jesswestcoast Cardcaptor

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2021.11.29 23:28 photon_universe Should I maintain relationships with mutual friends?

I got out of an abusive relationship in the past. Over time I have separated pretty much every aspect of my life from that situation (I’m doing well and am very happy and healthy now) but I have a couple mutual connections with my ex that I haven’t disconnected with. Recently I realized every time I interact with those people it leaves me with a pit in my stomach because it reminds me of who I was back then and what I went through. These people have maintained a neutral stance and I respect that but I just feel horrible whenever I get reminded of that time intentionally or unintentionally. Should I keep contact with them? Has anyone dealt with something similar? Any advice would be great
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2021.11.29 23:28 gogozydeco 🚀🦍💰 XL Fleet. Keep on keeping on!

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2021.11.29 23:28 OddSense794 Why Botswana is the Fastest Growing Economy Ever

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2021.11.29 23:28 arrogant_ambassador The Hanukkah Song 2.0 - Nissim Black & Kosha Dillz (Official Video)

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2021.11.29 23:28 SeanicTheHedgehog23 The DS was just... Better

In almost every way, except graphics and performance, the DS is simply better than the Switch, IMO. Specifically the 3DS XL model.
-The DS size was a perfect hand held size, where as the Switch feels.. off. Kind of insecure in the hands -The DS was entirely portable. Shove it in a bag or your pocket. The Switch needs a case. -The DS was pretty sturdy, but the switch feels kind of flimsy and more towards the fragile size.
Idk, guess I'm just posting this because I wish they'd bring that style of handheld back.
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2021.11.29 23:28 Johnson_the_1st cursed_welcome

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