Kajal Lamar

2021.11.30 00:22 Pyotrperse Kajal Lamar

Kajal Lamar Bright pineapple and berries open the scent, with powdery turkish rose underneath. I'm in love with the opening of Lamar, I think I've become a simp for the realistic pineapple note. It smells classy with the soft rose and has that exotic fruit uniqueness. The dry down is dominated by turkish rose and still has the pineapple softly peeping out from underneath. Over the next few hours, the base becomes more and more prominent - vanilla, cedar and amber, creating an addictive, almost caramelised undertone to the rose that does feel a tiny bit like the very end stages of BR540 after about six hours of wear.
Lamar is sophisticated, luxurious and a tad quirky, like a billionaire art critic. I'd avoid wearing in hotter weather due to the thickness of the base and rose, but it would be a stunning head turner scent in milder weather.
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2021.11.30 00:22 albaquerkie [USA-MD][H] Custom Gaming PC - i7 6700K, AMD Vega 64, Includes Windows 10 [W] Paypal, Cash

Selling a fully custom gaming PC. You are free to make an offer for configurations with or without all the parts listed but I would very much prefer to sell the CPU + GPU + Mobo as a package at the very least.
Everything pictured was recently de-dusted and reassembled. The SSD has a fresh copy of Windows 10 Pro. I only activated it as an offline user to test the CPU for the timestamp photo.
Also, fun fact, the CPU/GPU/mobo combo works as a Hackintosh. I have an SSD with OSX Catalina installed and it works great. DM if interested, I can send details on how to set that up.
Local pickup would be best since the build is very heavy. If you do want me to ship things, I'd suggest shipping disassembled without the case.
Full album of photos here: https://imgur.com/a/I0FflY9
All photos showing the assembled PC or the system profile info were taken after the shots of the individual parts. As in I didn't screw anything up putting it all back together :)
Parts list (anything marked "Ok with keeping" means I can use that part in my new build and you can offer less money for the build without it):

Ok so as for how much, I'm not sure, the markets weird right now. The GPU is selling for ~$800 on ebay alone right now and the SSD is brand new. I will say $1500 but please feel free to call me out if thats absurdly high.
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2021.11.30 00:22 InfinityBackwards NFTs, Other News, and Movie Posters - Left Brain/Right Brain

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2021.11.30 00:22 Evanveil0726 Mosfet for Cyma AK47

Looking to upgrade my Cyma ak47 with a mosfet. I’m torn between Titan, Aster, and Warfet. Multiple people tell me different things and not to use optical in V3 gear box. What do some of you have in your gearbox?
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2021.11.30 00:22 SchoolInternational9 Cum join the fun. I have lots of content with daily post. +2,700 pics +470 videos. $5.20subs 35%off big holiday(s) sale. fetish friendly. lots of new sexy content. no ppv. free full length videos on my page .

Cum join the fun. I have lots of content with daily post. +2,700 pics +470 videos. $5.20subs 35%off big holiday(s) sale. fetish friendly. lots of new sexy content. no ppv. free full length videos on my page . submitted by SchoolInternational9 to OF_like4like [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 00:22 ad5532 Chance a nervous Wharton applicant

Demographics: White male, fairly competitive public high school that sends 3-7 percent to ivies each year. West Coast.
UW/W GPA and Rank: 3.88 UW, 4.8 (School only allows APs Junior+Senior year and honors is weighted like AP). Top 10%, maybe top 5%, class of ~400.
Coursework: German (5), CSA (5), CSP (4). I'm taking 4 APs this year. I'll be at 7 APs when I graduate which is pretty much the maximum possible at my school. Took classes at college in econ/finance for a semester and a half of credit and earned an A.
Awards: Not much here. National merit scholar, language honor society, and school level awards which aren't too special.

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2021.11.30 00:22 SnoenySoaf 🃏💰CryptoGwent [Liq Lock][Renounced] PLAY-TO-EARN GAME IN THE WITCHER UNIVERSE💰🃏

Play your favourite card game and earn! Skill, not luck, is your greatest weapon. 💪 Pick a faction, build an army, and wage war against other players across multiple game modes. With hundreds of cards to collect, new strategies are always a thought away.
🃏 Each card is an NFT token (BEP-721) that can be bought or sold on a marketplace. Win rare cards, sell them for a higher price, or use them in the game to increase your chances of winning.
After $GWT sale events, the rarest cards will be put up for public sale to initial investors at fixed prices. All funds raised will be used to develop the game. Follow the news!
🤑 The internal currency of CryptoGwent is $GWT. For GWTs, you can buy new cards for your deck on our marketplace. Also, you can always exchange GWTs for ETH to get your profit.
💵Monetary unit for in-game operations.
Currency for purchases within our marketplace.
Playing Incentives: You will earn GWT regardless of whether you win or lose.🙀 If you win, you receive +1% to your winnings, and if you lose, you receive 0.5% of your losses.
🔥Burning: 0.1% will be burned from the amount of each win. The more players play Gwent, the faster the total supply of GWT decreases and its price rises.
Initial Supply: ONLY 100,000,000 $GWT
25% | Treasury Fund: 25,000,000 GWT
15% | Team: 15,000,000 GWT (linear vesting for 1 year)
7% | Initial Liquidity: 7,000,000 GWT
40% | IDO: 40,000,000 GWT (unlocked at listing)
13% | Playing Incentives: 13,000,000 GWT (incentives for 1 year)
Distribution of $GWT is planned for 1 year. Sales to take place on DxSale. 40% of the total supply to be sold to primary investors. Liquidity tokens will be locked for 2 years.
The funds raised from the IDO will be used for three purposes:
Development of the platform | Marketing | Initial liquidity
In case of win, follow instructions from the email
Contribute between 0.21BNB - 10BNB to be redeemed for GWT tokens
📌 40,000,000 GWT tokens will be distributed, at a price of 0,0000105 BNB/GWT. There is no lock up periods. Funds raised during the Whitelisted Round will be allocated to the Development Fund to ensure the success of the GWENT game and to bootstrap liquidity on Pancake Swap.
🚨The Public Sale Round is an FCFS sale to take place if GWT tokens will be left after the Whitelisted Round. Contribute between 0.21BNB - 10BNB. There is no lockup periods.
Contract: 0x710b6A6c9E31B76C55B650e20916e997B0657Fe9
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x710b6A6c9E31B76C55B650e20916e997B0657Fe9
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x13116E8EF7850Fc16B075c8115f69257F885EEc9
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x710b6A6c9E31B76C55B650e20916e997B0657Fe9
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2021.11.30 00:22 ethomson93 Nature Photography

Hi everyone!
I’m fairly new to living in South Carolina. I was just wondering if anyone had some recommendations on places to take wildlife/nature photography. Or just any hidden gems to travel to! Thanks in adv. 😌
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2021.11.30 00:22 SubstantialCupcake18 An old woman just complimented my shirt.

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2021.11.30 00:22 lemonentea I am F24 asocial homoromantic homosexual demisexual atypical who’ve never been a relationship. Are there women here around my age who wants to be friends then potential lover maybe?

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2021.11.30 00:22 RiPBernieGores "Guys if you wanna see this fucking game at least try to make it fun for me"

"Don't criticize what I'm doing on the screen and stuff like that"
"Keep in mind I do not laugh I do not giggle I do not try to have fun, you go have fun on your fucking time"
These three sentences basically summarize richard's """high level""" streams, fucking boring and whenever you try to criticize him you get banned. Yeah sure really fun richard you are such a great streamer
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2021.11.30 00:22 RonaldYeothrowaway Is multiple, overlapping and overriding criteria with COUNTIF possible?

Hi everyone, I need some help with a particular problem with COUNTIF.
I previously asked for help with COUNTIF and had some great answers from great redditors!
But I am wondering if something a little bit more complicated is possible.
I have 6 cells in a row: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6 and A7
A1 is where I plan to put in the formula. The formula should produce either a 'Yes' or a 'No'.
A2 is a cell which only contains either 'Yes' or 'No'.
Cell A3 to A7 are cells which either contains an 'X' or an '/'.
Would it be possible to create a formula for something like this:

  1. If an '/' appears in ALL the cells from Cell A3 to A7, a 'Yes' appears in cell A1. But if an '/' does not appear in ALL the cells from Cell A3 to A7, or a 'X' appears in ANY of the cells from Cell A3 to A7, a 'No' appears on cell A1
  2. Simultaneously, at the same time, if a 'Yes' appears on Cell A2, a 'Yes' also appears in Cell A1. If a 'No' appears in Cell A2, a 'No' also appears in Cell A1. But would it be possible to set this up in a way such that when either a 'Yes' or a 'No' appears in Cell A2, it overrides whatever are the contents of Cell A3 to A7.
For example, from Cell A3 to A7, just one of the 5 cells contains an 'X', while the remaining 4 cells contain a '/', so a 'No' appears in Cell A1. But when I key in a 'Yes' into Cell A2, a 'Yes' also appears in Cell A1. Also, if I key in a 'No' into Cell A2, the 'No' remains in Cell A1.
Is something like this possible? Thanks very much!
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2021.11.30 00:22 Historical-Leather46 Continuing with my sad deaths to shapes i present to you... a trapped overlord

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2021.11.30 00:22 Hoodiesandsuch Future vs. Radiohead

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2021.11.30 00:22 postmastern COVID-19 обвинили в провоцировании тяжелых повреждений мозга. Они возникают у 1% пациентов, выяснили ученые.

COVID-19 обвинили в провоцировании тяжелых повреждений мозга. Они возникают у 1% пациентов, выяснили ученые. Исследовав более 40 тыс. случаев коронавирусной инфекции, американские медики пришли к выводу, что она провоцирует инсульты и другие тяжелые повреждения мозга примерно у 1% пациентов. О результатах исследования ученые рассказали на конференции Радиологического общества Северной Америки (RSNA).
AP Photo/Keystone/Salvatore Di Nolf
"Наши наблюдения показали, что осложнения от COVID-19, затрагивающие центральную нервную систему, – это одна из главных причин гибели людей в ходе пандемии. Это говорит о необходимости усиленных наблюдений за состоянием мозга у носителей SARS-CoV-2", – рассказал один из авторов исследования, профессор Университета Томаса Джефферсона (США) Скотт Фаро.
Джефферсон и его коллеги провели первые крупномасштабные наблюдения за тем, как проникновение коронавируса нового типа в ткани мозга и другие части центральной нервной системы влияет на состояние здоровья и вероятность выживания пациентов. В общей сложности они изучили более 40 тыс. историй болезни носителей SARS-CoV-2, проходивших лечение в семи неврологических клиниках США и Европы.
Все эти больные обратились в больницу из-за различных форм помутнения сознания, горячки и нарушений психики, которые возникли во время коронавирусной инфекции или непосредственно после нее. Медики детально изучили состояние больных, в том числе и снимки их мозга, полученные при помощи магнитно-резонансных и компьютерных томографов.
Примерно у 1,2% пациентов, перенесших коронавирусную инфекцию, ученые обнаружили следы тяжелых повреждений центральной нервной системы. Среди них были ишемические инсульты, внутричерепные кровотечения, энцефалит, воспаления мозга и другие потенциально фатальные нарушения в его работе.
Как считают Джефферсон и его коллеги, все эти проблемы могут значительным образом повышать общий уровень смертности пациентов, связанный с заражением COVID-19. Это необходимо учитывать при лечении коронавирусной инфекции и изучении потенциальных последствий распространения SARS-CoV-2 по популяции, подытожили исследователи.
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2021.11.30 00:22 Zacchino Advice Needed: Building a white ATX PC for Music Production

Hello y'all,
I wanted to know if anyone could help me buy the right parts for this project.
I'd be okay with an AMD CPU if it can help save some cash for the RAM that's a priority to load big sound library.
I don't need the latest powerful GPU (but it must be able to render Video quickly though).
But my main concern is a good Motherboard that can hold 64gb of the fastest RAM.
Along with 2 fast and reliable SSDs (1Tb for OS and 2Tb for Data).
Main issue is no sound in small form factor: it must be quiet (I remember the Noctua fans used to be famous for it), yet with a good hear dissipation, along with being easily transportable.
I have a budget of $3500, accessories included except for the Screen.
Any pointers, even partial (if you just wanna recommend a case or just the motherboard, that's great as well)!
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2021.11.30 00:22 Tkhrnaj 愛知知事リコール団体の収入総額6121万円 20年、県内9位

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2021.11.30 00:22 badumbumpsh 😱Jumpscares! | REMINISCENCE Gameplay w/Tee Stache, SonicFoxPrower & Adam

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2021.11.30 00:22 45STINGRAYS I am the bug hunter (titan)

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2021.11.30 00:22 webzies Streak 36: Erkältungen nerven... aber könnte schlimmer sein!

Eine Erkältung hat mich gestern erwischt und meine Nase, deren Haut wegen des ständigen Schnäuzen sehr gereizt geworden ist, läuft unaufhaltsam!
Letzte Woche sagte ich meinem Cousin dass ich seit anderthalb Jahren an nichts erkrankt wurde. Ich hätte mir ein Stück Holz aussuchen sollen, denn meine Rücksichtslose Bemerkung ist mir voller Rache entgegengekommen.
Naja, eine laufende Nase ist gewißermassen erträglich, aber ich werde mich vergewissern müssen, bevor ich am Morgen loslege, dass ich meine reizlindernde Arznei in meinen Rucksack eingepackt habe.
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2021.11.30 00:22 lil_book_fairyyy Boyfriend and I took a relationship break, I could use the advice ♡

Hello all!
I (f20) and my bf (m21) have been arguing and having difficulties here of late relating to his job and how we both feel about it. We have decided a break is good for us right now to figure out what we want from this relationship and if we can make it work when we come back together in a few weeks.
The problem with his work is he works 6 hrs away (for now) and is home one weekend in a while and when he leaves after Christmas break he'll be gone for 6 months. He wants me to move out there with him but I am fixing to start college and at this point in my life I don't necessarily want to move out just yet.
We have had some issues with him drinking with coworkers and messaging me saying things like his coworkers says he should dump me bc I won't move out to him and bc I haven't had sex with him yet. (I want to wait for marriage and he knows this)
He says once he gets into a more higher up position (which could take years) he'll be working in Edmond and I would live there with him. That's almost 3hrs from my family and friends, and if I did move up there, he'd still go off for jobs. He says the furthest he'd be from "home" is 6hrs. And he'd still only be home on occasional weekends and holidays.
So summary : boyfriend and I are taking a relationship break, bc we've been having some issues revolving his job. And I would like advice on what to do because I feel he is my person and I don't want it to end in a break up.
All advice is appreciated ♡
*** we have been dating for about 3.5 years, so not newly together. The issues/arguments etc we've been having have started once he took this job. He took the job for the $$ and did it thinking of a future for us, but said if I don't like it then we should break up.
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2021.11.30 00:22 Nevra- I wanna trade evo

I'm trying to evolve my Electabuzz I can give you one but give my one (if you don't want to go through the pain of searching for the Electirizer) back also a shiny would be the bomb
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2021.11.30 00:22 No_Wolf_9664 HELP! Finally got out of the loop hole with modification but now received this email!! “As a result of new information the previous amount has changed. Please review and accept the new amount.” Original loan was $27,700 so modification was supposed to be $100,000.

HELP! Finally got out of the loop hole with modification but now received this email!! “As a result of new information the previous amount has changed. Please review and accept the new amount.” Original loan was $27,700 so modification was supposed to be $100,000. submitted by No_Wolf_9664 to EIDLPPP [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 00:22 djstraftanz 4kdownloader feature request

I would like the ability to have multiple "Past Link" buttons that can be individually configured with smart mode, and renamed, for instance I could configure the first button to download /folder1 and the second button to /folder2, etc. so that I can work on multiple collections without having to type the folder name each time.
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2021.11.30 00:22 WarpedBanana50 I'm so ready for Destroy Dopamine December

Who else is?
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