My client thought rats where scratching through his ceiling. I had a look and informed him it was bigger than a rat.

2021.11.30 01:03 davem876 My client thought rats where scratching through his ceiling. I had a look and informed him it was bigger than a rat.

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2021.11.30 01:03 the_jim-lord Hello I am a new dm and had a question about a rule. So during combat my players want to roll an insight check to see a monsters armor class weaknesses and hp, so I was wandering is that something they can do every turn,at the start of combat or not at all. Any "insight" on the situation is welcome

Thanks for the help in advance!!!
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2021.11.30 01:03 Your-Neighbor Yakkin

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2021.11.30 01:03 playfulpandaa is going to the ER for a migraine worth it?

skipped school all day because i’ve had the worst migraine in a long time. i’m really stressed about the end of the semester and i think it all caught up to me. my symptoms list is just growing and growing. I now have: nausea, vomiting, tingling in face, light auras, sensitivity to light, smell, and sound, stiffness in my neck, and scalp tenderness. today’s migraine? i experienced all of them, not at the same time, for a little over 12 hours. i’ve had an MRI done recently and there’s nothing super concerning except a three leisons which i was told to get an MRI once a year to keep checking up on them (MS runs in my family)
i called my mom to tell her that my sister was going to take me to the emergency room because I really didn’t feel well and was essentially debilitated from my migraine. she yelled at me and told me that going to the er is a waste of resources. she’s never had a migraine a day in her life. anyone who has gone to the er for migraines, is this true?
i ended up not going, i’m just fighting the pain now.
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2021.11.30 01:03 The_Dank_Tortuga Deer just got away with murder

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2021.11.30 01:03 Gooch__Gobbler How often do you wax your board?

I was wondering if there’s a rule of thumb in terms of snowboard waxing.
Asking because I last had my board waxed back in March (while also having an edge resealed due to a separated edge) and only went out once more after having it waxed. Should so get it waxed again before this season?
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2021.11.30 01:03 Naive_Maintenance704 pm to chattt

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2021.11.30 01:03 Aero2627 What activities do you like to do while winding down for the day?

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2021.11.30 01:03 Mortlen cursed oreo

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2021.11.30 01:03 chiplikeschaos a ñœrmåł hæñgøût

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2021.11.30 01:03 No_Jacket87 HONEY BEE CLUB is the only NFT with a noble mission. SAVE THE BEES.(link in comments)

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2021.11.30 01:03 Matt_Phyche The NSA is Unlawful

the monitoring of Civillian's internet browsing, radiometric passages and introcunucular activities is an abhorrent breach of Power invested
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2021.11.30 01:03 The-heros-journey I can’t stay in this place.

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2021.11.30 01:03 PutridAd9461 Here’s a selfie, the “guess the gender” continues… we’ll have a reveal in 2 more months..

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2021.11.30 01:03 HAZI_TECH DIY Smart Christmas Lights With $3.50 Controller | Plug & Play

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2021.11.30 01:03 catkisserX Unbreakable fishing rod glitch??

I bought an outdoorsy fishing rod last Friday and ive been using it for about 4 days and it still hasn't broken on me. I typically carry two rods on me since i fish alot @@ but my outdoorsy rod is still pulling through.. i keep getting scared it will die but it never does. I dont know how i can prove this but has anyone else had the same experience? I don't know what i could have done for this to happen
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2021.11.30 01:03 TehWizardV2 Some fake bitch on Instagram is threading to send out a video of me to everyone I know

She got a video of me idk how and is threatening to send it to all my friends and family if I don’t pay her, I stalled as long as I could and sent all my friends warnings to block her and not look at the video. Is my life over?
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2021.11.30 01:03 jayyyd00 Money Drops?

Does anyone do any money drops or know if it is even still possible to do that? Just got my account back and I am broke and a low level. I am willing to pay USD for a money drop
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2021.11.30 01:03 1Buttercream [WTS] Armani Prive - Chanel Les Exclusifs - Dior La Collection Privee - Dolce & Gabbana Velvet - Gucci The Alchemist Garden - Guerlain L’Art & La Matiere - Serge Lutens Gratte-Ciel - YSL Le Vestiaire Des Parfums (Decant)

Shipping: USA ONLY - $4
Payment: Paypal F&F, buyer pays fees for Paypal G&S.
Decants: 5ml or 9ml, see photo of bottles and respective levels measured with a syringe for reference. PTFE tape between bottle and nozzle thread, and parafilm around where nozzle and bottle meet. Decants are individually bubble wrapped before going inside zip bags and then inside bubble mailers.
Thanks for looking! Please chat/PM if interested or if you have any questions.

Armani (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 9ml
Gardenia Antigua 12 21
Orangerie Venise 12 21
Pivoine Suzhou 12 21
Rose d'Arabie 18.5 33
Rogue Malachite 20 35.5
Vert Malachite 20 35.5

Chanel (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 9ml
1932 12 21
31 rue Cambon 12 21
Beige 10 18
Coromandel 10 18
La Pausa 12 21
Le Lion 12 21
No 22 12 21
Sycomore 10 18

Dior (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 9ml
Ambre Nuit 13.5 23.5
Bois d'Argent 13.5 23.5
Cuir Cannage 10 17.5
Balade Sauvage 13.5 23.5
Dioramour 10 17.5
Eau Noire 10 17.5
Feve Delicieuse 10 17.5
Grand Bal 13.5 23.5
Gris Dior 13.5 23.5
Holy Peony 10 17.5
Jasmin Des Anges 10 17.5
La Colle Noire 13.5 23.5
Milly-la-Foret 10 17.5
Mitzah 10 17.5
New Look 1947 13.5 23.5
Oud Ispahan 13.5 23.5
Patchouli Imperial 10 17.5
Purple Oud 10 17.5
Santal Noir 13.5 23.5
Vetiver 10 17.5

Dolce & Gabbana (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 9ml
Velvet Amber Sun 14 25
Velvet Desert Oud 14 25
Velvet Exotic Leather 14 25
Velvet Mimosa Bloom 14 25
Velvet Tender Oud 14 25

Gucci (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 9ml
A Chant for the Nymph 21 37.5
A Song for the Rose 21 37.5
The Eyes of the Tiger 21 37.5
The Voice of the Snake 21 37.5

Guerlain (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 9ml
Angelique Noire 18 31.5
Bois d'Armenie 18 31.5
Cuir Beluga 18 31.5
Encens Mythique 11 19
Neroli Outrenoir 22 39.5
Santal Royal 11 19

Prada (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 9ml
Babylon 19.5 34.5
Dark Light 19.5 34.5
Day For Night 19.5 34.5
Desert Serenade 19.5 34.5
Marienbad 19.5 34.5
Miracle Of The Rose 19.5 34.5

Serge Lutens (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 9ml
Ambre Sultan 10 18
Borneo 1834 22 39
Cuir Mauresque 22 39
De Profundis 22 39
Fumerie Turque 22 39
Santal Majuscule 13.5 23.5
Tubereuse Criminelle 22 39

YSL (link for a photo of bottles) 5ml 9ml
37 rue de Bellechasse 13.5 23.5
6 saint Place Sulpice 13.5 23.5
Atlas Garden 15 27
Caban 13.5 23.5
Caftan 13.5 23.5
Capeline 13.5 23.5
Exquisite Embroidery 14.5 25.5
Magnificent Gold 15 27
Saharienne 13.5 23.5
Splendid Wood 15 27
Trench 13.5 23.5
Tuxedo 13.5 23.5
Velours 13.5 23.5
Vinyle 13.5 23.5
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2021.11.30 01:03 singleguy79 Noah and Courtney are done

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2021.11.30 01:03 kal_lau Does Anybody Know if our Baruch Email Accounts Expire After Graduation? (For Microsoft Applications use)

I'm graduating relatively soon and I like to plan ahead and I know that my access to Microsoft applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, One Drive, etc. is through the subscription of my Baruch email address and I ideally want to keep using these applications after graduating, so, I was wondering if we keep our Baruch Email?
I would like to use the email for subscriptions as well like Spotify and stuff but I know that they verify now through a transcript or something so I think that'll be a hard thing to try to do, but I think Microsoft applications are an absolute necessity/essential that I'd like to keep using.
If we can keep our Baruch Email and therefore our subscription to Microsoft applications, does anybody know how to do so?
Thank you in Advance!
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2021.11.30 01:03 beanathin Cross progression question

So I was at my brothers house & wanted to plat D2R. I play on xbox & he plays on pc so I thought it I hopped on his pc i could play my character. I signed onto my battle net account & opened the game no problem. The issue occurred when i tried to click online to get to my character list. I got an error message that read "failed to authenticate"
I am not sure why this is happening but my brother assumes its because I am trying to use his copy of the game with my battle net account. He mentioned that I would still have to buy my own copy of the game to be able to play on pc. Thoughts?
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2021.11.30 01:03 LouieTheWarCriminal Just Louie and his crew

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2021.11.30 01:03 friedeggbrains OMNI!!!!! they care about leather but straight up eat eggs, cheese, and meat???

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2021.11.30 01:03 sexyasianwife29 [over 18] if you see me at the park say hi

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