Anyone feel that killer is underpowered?

2021.11.30 00:51 SargentDave Anyone feel that killer is underpowered?

I don’t want this to sound like I’m complaining but I feel that killers have to work so much more than survivors to win, looping and playing survivor almost feels effortless just run forward run a loop 2 or 3 times drop pallet repeat and in that time 3 gens pop, and killers have to monitor and control pressure, they have to think more. Now while killer some match’s can sway to the killers side early game and you can get an easy win, you almost never see that against good high MMR survivors, I feel that if a team of survivors that are amazing at the game know the maps, mechanics and looping to a T then it is irrelevant on how good the killer is. I’m probably wrong I’ve seen competitive games and they do just fine but I want to hear your guys thoughts on the killer survivor balancing. And any changes y’all would make.
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2021.11.30 00:51 ZoolShop Elizabeth Holmes testifies about alleged abuse by Romesh 'Sunny' Balwani : NPR

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2021.11.30 00:51 allives1028 Help me understand the niche of Light Heroes faction more!

Now down to the two factions of Mecha Layla! Just like what I said last time, because of Mecha Layla, I became more active again unlike before that I only log-in every other day and somehow my passion came back too so here's a discussion topic that is now about the heroes in Light Faction.

Currently, there are 12 SSR heroes (not including Mecha Layla) and I am going to rank them based on my experience. This list will be ordered from least viable to most viable, again, in my adventure.

Kimmy - My Kimmy is still at 5-star because I am inactive when she was released. It's hard to rank the SSR Light heroes because all of them have their own niche. So this place of Kimmy is really just based on my adventure.

Gatotkaca - It's hard to pick between Gatot and Uranus. I feel like Uranus is better but it was just that Gatotkaca is one of my highest star heroes while my Uranus is still not awakened.

Uranus - Already explained before and both this and Gatot are useful in certain bosses.

Minsitthar - His passive and ult are great but it seems not that essential in the current metagame. He is useful in certain bosses too. I have my Minsitthar also still higher than Uranus because Minsitthar is released first.

Gusion - Seems OP in some situation but in some he seems not. There is this time that I was stuck in Light Tower and he helped me climb up but after that, I returned to my usual five.

Fanny - Another latter-released hero that was released when I am starting to be inactive. Her niche though generally made me put her this high because that is what the Light faction previously lacks.

Guinevere - Another very helpful hero in certain bosses. I didn't spam her though in campaign and other general battles but she seems fine to be this high too.

Kagura - Another hero that is useful in certain bosses and annoying as an enemy too. I was sort of active when she was released but didn't really focused on starring her up.

Chang'e - Auto-MVP is she manages to maximize her ult. I still haven't max out Chang'e yet unlike my best two Light heroes.

Silvanna - A latter-released hero that seems deserving to be higher in my list but as respect to my best two heroes, Silvanna is here at third. Very durable and a must in certain bosses.

Odette - Even before Lylia was released, Odette has been my main damage dealer. I maxed her even before Valir. My favorite hero too or used to.

Freya - Can literally 1v5. Carried me so hard in the early stages of this game and she was my very first max awakened hero. She was just released around a week iirc after I started playing and I think that has an impact on why I summoned her very often. Currently, she is just on my 3rd team and still carrying though because the power difference of my 2nd and 3rd team is too huge making it hard to complete chapter bosses without Freya.

Just like last time, feel free to argue especially those who are more committed, active, and passionate on this game as my short break from this game definitely impacted how I understand the current situation of the game. Special mention to InterestingAd2834 for the great comment last time which is the type of comment I am looking for to enrich this discussion.
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2021.11.30 00:51 Snoo_40410 QAnon follower writes open letter to Donald Trump over failed predictions—"Tired of it"

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2021.11.30 00:51 consonantverb Hybrid flowers. Please take all :)

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2021.11.30 00:51 TheFazza_ [GTM] 🦃

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2021.11.30 00:51 AgentX2O T36 vs L16 vs Warrior 3?
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2021.11.30 00:51 goldengirl43 should i go to the doctor?

22F, 5’1”, 120lbs, white, sick, high cholesterol (hereditary), non-smoker, drinks alcohol on occasion, no drug use
the past couple of days i’ve felt the beginning of a “cold.” symptoms are: sore neck, sore throat, congestion, slight headache. i don’t have a fever and i feel fine from my neck down. i don’t have body aches. i don’t believe it’s COVID because i’m fully vaccinated and received my booster last week. i’ve had COVID before and the symptoms are not the same as when i had it.
i’ve been taking extra strength tylenol, but nothing is really helping with the pain/amount of discomfort i am in. i don’t really have time to go to the doctor and i don’t have a car, which makes it difficult for me to go if i need to. i would have to uber, but i wouldn’t feel right subjecting them to whatever i’m sick with. i also have severe anxiety and as a result i’m a hypochondriac. i’m afraid it meningitis. i don’t know if i should just let this sickness run it’s course or if i should go to urgent care
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2021.11.30 00:51 Iopgin When transferred to VAC, biometrics turned red?

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2021.11.30 00:51 nightba DEEP WEB 🔞

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2021.11.30 00:51 Cl1ky What is the closest we can get to ideal fluid in real life?

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2021.11.30 00:51 PhillLacio A surprisingly decent twist on a classic

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2021.11.30 00:51 theJoslinChrisDJ Time to start gigging

I’ve been a bedroom DJ for years now. Finally decided to hone my skills over the pandemic and think it’s time I start gigging. I’ve done about 20 mixes and have live-streamed a few times.
I have ZERO idea where to get started. I mix deep house and progressive. Don’t know any other DJs who mix the same stuff, or even have any friends who enjoy that music 😂 Any tips?
I’m New York based.
Also thought about throwing my own party, but that’s a whole other thread’s worth!
Thanks in advance 🙏🏻
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2021.11.30 00:51 Aggravating-Search95 Dating a pro-athlete

I (f/23) recently started going out with a pro-athlete (m/23) and we’re exclusive. He’s a really sweet and solid guy and I enjoy spending time with him. My main concern is he doesn’t put a ton of effort into our relationship but granted he’s in the middle of his season. He texts me every few hours and sees me when he’s not traveling but it’s mostly just hanging out at his place. Another issue is that he is living across the country for his off season which will be a challenge in the future. Finally, the cheating/partying/girls throwing themselves at the players/ and the boys will always be #1/mentality and culture of the team honesty terrifies me.
I am trying not be a stage 5 clinger and also not put him on a pedestal simply because of his job.
Even if he worked a regular 9-5 job I would still really like him. He’s a sweetheart and I do really appreciate the little things he does like calling me on the road each night. He’s been really respectful in every way since we started talking.
As I mentioned, we are exclusively talking/only seeing each other and both agreed we’re open to an actual relationship (boyfriend/girlfriend) down the road, we’re just still getting to spend time with eachother it’s only been a month and a half.
Is there any other advice you have for dating a pro-athlete? Expectations I should set now/later? Those who have - is it worth the challenges that were mentioned above?
TLDR: I’m dating a pro athlete and wondering if it’s worth the challenges
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2021.11.30 00:51 fargito1017 Tall Drink

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2021.11.30 00:51 Jcis52 [USA-AR] [H] GIGABYTE B560 Aorus Pro AX Motherboard [W] Paypal, Local Cash, etc.

I have a new Z590 Aorus Pro AX motherboard. Socket is intel LGA 1200. I'm asking for $240 with shipping and tracking included. Price is not solid can be discussed. Motherboard brand new not used still in wrapping. Won it in a Newegg shuffle for a GPU which came in a bundle. Current set up is a Ryzen build so have no need for it. If you have any questions you can PM me or just comment.
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2021.11.30 00:51 chrissybts Dealing with shame...

Since I came out I've had some very negative signalling from family, friends and colleagues.
I won't go into too much detail, you may have already seen my desperate but now deleted posts however.
Long story short, I was full time at 4 months hrt and now at 7 months, I'm back in the closet.
I interviewed for a job I'm very likely to get in boymode, I avoided being obviously trans and know I've just created a deeper problem for myself.
I don't own any male clothes but now wear only the most masculine of what remains of my clothing, I've got outfits I love that simply sit in my wardrobe.
I've spent hours getting ready to go out only to freeze up and take it all off again.
I've stopped wearing nail polish, any makeup or even doing my hair and I'm becoming reclusive.
Looking deeply, I know its shame I'm feeling, I'm ashamed to be trans and the reactions of those close to me compounded it. It came to a head this week where I lashed out and really pushed them all away.
Anyone have any techniques for dealing with shame?
Should I contact this company and front up before they make a job offer? I don't want to have to deal with coming out all over again.
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2021.11.30 00:51 Camra-Man How to claim your Free Doc Holliday Outfit

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2021.11.30 00:51 eyksm What's something that you think is overrated?

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2021.11.30 00:51 Low-Butterscotch3621 Is seeing lines in a dark room a phosphene or an abnormality ?

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2021.11.30 00:51 AgentProfessional677 the letters sent by nintendo a sega during the 90's console wars. this has so much engrish in it

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2021.11.30 00:51 brandonhot Alguien me hace rol de cualquier chica?

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2021.11.30 00:51 Rowdy_Tardigrade Well this is awkward. Also NECROMANCY!!

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2021.11.30 00:51 2moms1bun Pharmacy quoted $695 for FET- got all the meds from GoodRX for $100

That’s it, that’s the whole post lol. Shop around, Americans! Don’t just buy from wherever your doc sends your meds.
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2021.11.30 00:51 Rosie7488 🤔

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