If you know, you know

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2021.10.19 01:31 PowerOfGamers01 If you know, you know

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2021.10.19 01:31 itsfree-real-estate Mixing batches mixing batches?

Lets say bob has snow from Florida (yes it snows in florida) and tim has snow from ohio. I go and get some snow from each guy and take it home. Should I mix the snow or keep them separate?
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2021.10.19 01:31 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Biden expected to take part in CNN town hall in Baltimore | The Hill

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2021.10.19 01:31 SmelliEli this is my award winning piece hope you like it

Long ago the world was ruled by nature but then man came along and pillaged the land for its resources the devastation was horrible trees were gone animals died horrible deaths the gods were angry they sent all the animal spirits down as a flaming owl noctua flammae it was sent down to burn down mans villages but it went wrong the flames spread to the forests an eternal fire started that spread through the earth faster than the gods people said this was our punishment for being greedy devastating the land for our own benefit but after generation after generation of the scorched planet the trees grew back animals thrived the world healed but the gods were not pleased so they every five years a mini fire started and they made the humans stop it so it didn't spiral out of control they did this to keep them humble but every year you can see noctua flammae flying in the sky as a reminder to keep the earth safe or the consequences would spiral out of hand
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2021.10.19 01:31 Lilly_s55 b o o

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2021.10.19 01:31 Responsible-Screen34 Streak 170: Menschliche Fußabdrücke in Amerika

Die anerkannte Meinung ist, dass die menschliche Gattung sich ursprünglich in Afrika entwickelt hat und sich danach in die ganze Welt verbreitet hat. Aber wann sind die Menschen zuerst in Amerika gekommen? Die akzeptierte Hypothese war bis jetzt, dass sie durch Sibirien vor etwa 10.000 Jahre ins Alaska angekommen sind und von da nach Süd migriert sind. Eine neue vor Kurzem in Science veröffentlichte Findung zeigt, dass Kinder bereits vor 22.500 Jahre in New Mexico wahrscheinlich gewandert haben. In den letzten zwei Jahrzehnten wurde schon mehrere Male die Entdeckung von menschlichen Spuren angekündigt, die älter als die sogenannte Clovis-Kultur (13.000-11.000 v. Chr.) sein könnten. Die Funde und die Datierung könnten trotzdem nicht eindeutig bestätigt werden. Dieses Mal scheint die Lage anders zu sein, weil die Felsen Meeres-Salde enthielten, die mit dem Radiokarbonmethode genau datieren werden können. Die Hoffnung von Archäologen und Paläontologen besteht nur darin, Leichen und wesentliche Spuren von diesen Menschen zu finden, die die Abdrücken hinterlassen haben.
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2021.10.19 01:31 StudentDoctorSpence A 40 Foot Above Ground Pool Goes to Outer Space.

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2021.10.19 01:31 Daweeaboo5343 Nicc trick you have there...

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2021.10.19 01:31 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Manchin meets with Sanders, Jayapal amid spending stalemate | The Hill

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2021.10.19 01:31 Warmee drove 5 hours to pick it up yesterday, couldn’t be any happier!

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2021.10.19 01:31 johnrock001 D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man

D.Gray-Man Filler - All Filler Episodes Lists D.Gray-Man - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/d-gray-man-fille
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2021.10.19 01:31 Comfortable-Funny-15 I got stopped out even though the price never touched my SL, and it ended up being a winning trade. What happened and did this ever happen to one of you?

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2021.10.19 01:31 runtimemess Vinnie Caruana - To Be Dead and In Love

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2021.10.19 01:31 DioriteIgneous Shattered Terra - Rusted Pipeline

AN: [in brackets is earth measurements]
Ontir'Rill'Sar'A-Interstellar Space, Centaurus Arm, 3760-9-26 TSC
Sar'A'Antil walked through the Hall of Ontir's Saints with a bowed head towards council chambers. Occasionally he would glance up to gaze upon the statues of those who had proven through deed to have been sent by divine order to act in the Ontir sector. Generals who had crushed rebellions, missionaries who brought the dozens of proto-sentients from the Fan'Ia star cluster into the empire, and inquisitors who had rooted out heresy and deviancy across the stars.
As he neared the ornately engraved blast-doors to the chambers he paused as his procession opened the doors and his priests chanted the hallowed hymnals for the neutral speaker. The doors slowly opened to the grand chamber, transparent materials on the ceiling to show the stars beyond and masterfully painted murals of ancient heroes and myths adorning the walls. Pews to hold hundreds ornately carved from the finest wood of the Crown Worlds surrounded the amphitheater.
He observed Sar'Ontir'Kalan and Ashil'Sar'Sahlek'Feni were seated at the head with countless lesser speakers and lords filled the pews. With little delay he approached the central podium and withdrew the blessed papyrus from its etched casing.
He read the words to the council chamber "It has been brought forth by the fringe sector of Ontir that their deep-space probes have discovered the largest concentration of Anshil'Una in the known galaxy. Their claim is that if they were granted an expeditionary and colony fleet they would be able to return with enough Anshil'Una to support current usage of the empire for a period of [1500 years]."
He paused as several brief and hushed conversations took place throughout the chamber.
As the whispers ceased, he continued. "It is further noted that life detection scans noticed signs of a second class sentient species and a late stage first class sentient species in the region. Appropriate missionary - and potentially military - allocations will be required for subjugation of these species."
The whispers resumed, with a more concerned tone.
"Sar'Ontir'Kalan requested upon submission of this report it be specifically noted that the location of the Anshil'Una is a distance of approximately [120 lightyears] from the nearest of these potential civilizations. However, the likely second classification civilization is the nearest. It is believed that there has been no amount of Anshil'Una to reach that system through normal astronomical events - such as asteroids - thus far."
"The location of this deposit is approximately [60,000 lightyears] from the Ontir sector in the [Orion Arm]. If launched with Anshil'Una class vessels, the first expeditionary fleet would arrive in [34 years], if launched with Anshil'Tua vessels, the fleet would arrive in [96 years]."
"In addition, Sar'Ontir'Kalan has requested first rights of exploitation to any colonized systems to go to the Ontir sector government. I graciously gift Sar'Ontir'Kalan sar'ra."
The speaker of the Ontir sector rose. "The Ontir sector has nothing further to speak. I humbly offer sar'ra to Anshil'Sar'Sahlek'Feni."
Any remaining muttering in the chamber ceased. All eyes looked upon the aged priest upon an elevated throne. Eyes milk-white with age and skin smooth grey, bereft of scaling or any other natural protections granted by youth. After several long minutes, he stood, slowly, holding his weight upon the scepter borne by Anshil'Sarn for ages immemorial. He took short steps to his podium assisted by his scepter, where he finally spoke.
"By Pantheon of Trinity, I shall consider this approved and grant Anshil'Una class vessels by divine right on the condition exploitation rights are only granted if the Anshil'Una is brought forth within [83 years]. By holy decree let it be known four expeditionary fleets and two colony fleets shall be sent with a contingent of one military and one missionary fleet for each of those in [4 years] time. As well, know that there shall be no fewer than twelve hivemothers of the Skril'Ana'Kailas species among these fleets."
Mars-Unknown, Sol, 3782-11-16 TSC
Lloyd Hammond watched the prototype nanofac as it constructed parts for Project O'Neill from the comfort of his bunker office.
The machine - the size of a small habitation-block - gently hummed over the clatter of raw material being unceremoniously dumped into its hopper. He watched through the few windows, which showed molten metal and supercooled gasses flowing through piping and electrostatic containment fields. A conveyor belt moved the completed parts of sleek metal, each encasing technology which would be viewed as nothing short of arcane to the majority of mankind. Finally, the parts were sent to the ships which would ensure discreet delivery to final assembly.
As the machine worked, Lloyd heard his aide Jonas enter the room to provide his morning's updates, and turned his chair to face the short, balding man.
"Mister Hammond, the Phobos team has confirmed your suspicions regarding UNT MILEW. Their cybersecurity has been significantly improved after the Second Ares Incident, and several of our servers have been compromised."
Lloyd considered the consequences of this for a moment before asking "Were any of those servers related to projects O'Neill or Machello?"
"No, sir, they only contained personnel files. However, one of those servers contained records for the Phobos team."
That was unfortunate news. Thieves, hackers, and spies were only useful until discovered by the opponent. "Add any names they likely have evidence for to the blacklist. Anyone else, quietly dismiss. What else?"
"The President of the Northern American Bloc has requested your meeting on Luna to be pushed forward by seven days - to tomorrow, actually - citing concerns over the Deimos workers strike nearing riots."
"Has he made any indication towards concerns over antigovernmental sentiments?"
"No, it seems he and his backers primarily view it as a private sector matter with potential terrorism concerns."
That elicited a brief smirk from the pepper-haired founder. "Interesting word choice, anything else?"
"Team Athena has reported our valued contributions to the news networks likely contributed to sixty percent of the thirty percent increase in company stock value over the past quarter. More importantly, the beacon network has also reported to be at minimum completion for the end-stage of Project O'Neill"
Lloyd leaned back in his chair and turned back to the nanofactory on his wall display. Minimum completion might need to be enough on an accelerated timeline.
"Any news on Project Vern?"
Lloyd could hear the aide scroll through his dataslate before answering. "Yes Mister Hammond, just thirty minutes ago an update came in. Neon Vegas and Manifest Destiny are prepared to launch. The five others have had manufacturing delays as part of the Deimos situation."
"Good to know. Have an overnight bag ready for the Luna meeting, I need to make some calls. Thank you, Jonas."
Jakri-The House of Biological Perfection: Master's Study, TRAPPIST-1, 3782-11-16 TSC
Master of The House Gadi re-read the documents before him and looked to the Chaplan-Advisor of the Houseless Church. "So I am to understand we will have the support of the church for our plan against the House of Digital Enlightenment?"
The advisor turned to the Master of The House, the hooded figure's face obscured by the most advanced light-bending technology known to all Jakanri.
"The scriptures are clear on the matter. If your family members infiltrate the House of Digital Enlightenment and steals their property - intellectual or otherwise - or commit other acts of espionage, your Proposal of Usage justifies the action. Upon the Announcement of Costless Accomplishment not only shall the Houseless benefit from it, but a previously insurmountable obstacle in The Path will begin to be navigated. The House of Digital Enlightenment shall be shamed for not assisting you prior."
For a moment the room was silent. The five other participants in the conversation pondered the words of the anonymous specialist of Law and Scripture, refining their portions of the plot.
The Lady of The House spoke next. "All you have said presumes success."
There were mutters of agreement around the table as The Lady awaited reply from counsel. When the chatter died after a mere two heartbeats, words spoken in monosyllabic cypher, the Chaplan-Advisor spoke again.
"Once more, the scriptures are clear and should reduce your concerns. It is true that such actions are generally inadvisable if you are unsure of how correct you are with your assumptions of how well you could use what you stole. It is also inadvisable if you believe that The House in question is more cunning than you are. However, there is a simple way to avoid such unfortunate circumstances. You must simply be right, and not fail."
The room fell to silence for many minutes. None spoke, none even moved. As if previously coordinated the six Jakanri stood and exited the room in silence.
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2021.10.19 01:31 -Rho-Aias Where is your favorite place to visit in game?

We all have our favorite areas! What's yours?
I love going to Idyllshire. It's just a really interesting city. And it's connected to the hinterlands which has the best map music. It feels so old school rpg there.
And, my requirement, having a striking dummy haha (I don't have a house).
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2021.10.19 01:31 ZoobBot 180620

This is the 180620th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.19 01:31 StudioCalcifer Used an AI art generator with the subject text being Studio Ghibli. what do you think?

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2021.10.19 01:31 MawzirMoon 🌮😺TacoCat [TCT] is chasing zero's... One is already gone!!! Remember: Oct 26th starts the presale of our Play to Earn NFT game WILDCARD!!! More info at Wildcardgame dot io !!!🌮😺

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2021.10.19 01:31 kittydollie Fishnet clothing is my favourite.

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2021.10.19 01:31 Carlosude Treat Blood Pressure Naturally | Know more than your Doctor!

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2021.10.19 01:31 johnrock001 Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List

Rurouni Kenshin Filler - Complete Episode and Filler List - https://www.myanimeforlife.com/rurouni-kenshin-fille
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2021.10.19 01:31 Inoculated_Nomad It's the year 2005, what are the first 3 albums in your CD book?

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2021.10.19 01:31 RubberDucky656 SS RU is now suspect testing Reuniclus

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2021.10.19 01:31 Glittering-Look4797 My second ever commission! I'm just a beginner so I have a lot of learning/practice to do yet!

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2021.10.19 01:31 presque-veux [Planning] Architecture prize goes to woman who reclaims toxic dumps : NPR

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