2021.10.19 02:25 quote_emperor cartolina-aforisma-confucio-29

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2021.10.19 02:25 AetherBytes Deja Vu

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2021.10.19 02:25 Iskandil Offering: Turkish(N), English (B1); Seeking: Spanish

Hi, I'm from Turkey. I'm interested in social sciences, cooking, photography, cultures and lifes in countries. We can talk about many topics.
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2021.10.19 02:25 tofuno68 Not super familiar w large plants and their prices so how much would something like this go for?

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2021.10.19 02:25 queensquiddy i gave this idiot a toaster and he set it on his fucking oven i love him more than anything

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2021.10.19 02:25 gobkikass Could you answer this little survey for a school project ?

Here is the link :
Thanks for your help!
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2021.10.19 02:25 aDOOMZZ hottest thing ive seen in a while

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2021.10.19 02:25 nf_highlights Tre Mann 12 PTS: All Possessions (2021-10-13)

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2021.10.19 02:25 FearandLoathing80 "If women ran the world we wouldn't have wars, just intense negotiations every 28 days. -Robin Williams [650×484]

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2021.10.19 02:25 sugarprom just tired of everything tbh

if ur mean ill cry thank u <3
my life is absolute ass, like you get to the point where you realize your parents tired of working and being a parent after having all your older siblings, so they're in like a constant bad mood because they're tired.
literally a few months ago I was in a public bathroom and I heard a little girl and her mum talking and her mum called her 'sweetie' or something and she just talked to her so gently I genuinely started crying in the stall I was in. I feel like there's something wrong with me because of how I was brought up and how quickly I had to grow up in my family and I just can't stop being jealous of friends who have stable households or loving parents who genuinely care.
I'm not saying mine don't care, I know they do, but like I said; they're tired of working and parenting by now I just feel like I have to be an adult or a parent to myself? but at the same time I wish I could go back to being a kid again and having like, nurturing parents who are gentle in how they speak to you and treat you? I can't stop being jealous when I see parents with their kids or even teenagers my age and they don't treat their child like a personal therapist and like actually just treated their kid like a KID.
everyday I wanna cry about it and I just wish I had parents who acted like parents, or I wish I was a kid again with normal parents? like I've had to make my own dinner and stuff since middle school, and seeing my friends now in uni complain about cooking or not knowing how to do anything makes me kinda mad knowing I've had to do this shit for myself for so long. (im not saying I get mad at them, I just mean it makes me mad because im jealous of them LOL ANYWAYS)
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2021.10.19 02:25 adam_eve_0101 what happened to expeditions ?

i just bought a bonus ticket but under the expedition tab it says “coming soon”
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2021.10.19 02:25 connorconnor12 [Gamepass for PC version] Game will only start once per windows session

For example, I turn on my PC and start up Destiny 2, play the game, exit to desktop, try to play the game again but when I press enter to play on the main loading screen the game freezes up on “connecting” in the bottom right of the screen. Can still hear the destiny music in the background while it’s frozen. Only way out is to force close through task manager. If I restart the PC and start the game again everything loads fine.
Anyone else have this issue?
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2021.10.19 02:25 Novel_Willingness243 Cake delivery in Oslo?

Hi y’all! I’m trying to figure out how to send a small cake to a friend in Oslo for his birthday. Any suggestions would be most welcome! I’m in the US and this is proving trickier than I thought it would!
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2021.10.19 02:25 my_cat_sam Aerox 3 Ghost Review: Who is this for? (long read)

I recently picked up a macbook air as a budget portable machine to compliment my Gaming Desktop, and wanted to find a mouse to use with it.
My requirements were

Out of the very few mice that fit my requirements, I ended up picking up the new Aerox 3 ghost at its $100 msrp, and have been using it for the past week for work, play, and general use between a desktop and laptop.
SteelSeries Aerox 3 Ghost Build: It feels pretty solid, many reviews of the original aerox 3 complained that the mouse was quite flexy. It seems they’ve added some internal support to keep the hump area from flexing so much. No rattles, squeaks or creaks, which from other reviews of the original aerox 3, isn’t always the case.
Weight came in right as advertised, My unit at 67 grams. And feels ever so slightly balanced to the rear of the mouse, but not super noticeable unless you use a lower DIP and do a lot of lift-offs.
Scale Picture
The 1 & 2 mouse buttons have some slight play, but nothing noticeable while in use, pretty comparable to my GPX.
The side buttons are mediocre at best. Quite mushy, and have to be pressed in quite deep to get them to activate. The side buttons are also triangle shaped, not flat like basically every other mouse. I suppose it helps feel for finding the button with your thumb, but means that only a small sliver of your thumb is actually pushing the button in, and not super easy to rest your thumb on the buttons. The buttons are a bit further back than I’d find the most comfortable, but not too far where its unusable.
The scroll wheel is pretty shallow, and again, feels mediocre. Slight side to side play, and I wish the scroll was a bit more tactile. Middle mouse click is fine. Not too heavy or too light to activate. Wheel has slight left to right play.
The button above the mouse wheel feels solid, no play and not mushy.
The feet are not bad, not great, but acceptable. If this is your first higher end mouse you’ll find them smooth, and experienced high end mouse users will probably find them satisfactory. Not in immediate need of replacement, but probably something you’d want to do if you use this mouse as your main.
Dongle: Usually, this is nothing to worth talking about, but with this mouse, its worth bringing up that I haven’t seen any other reviews mention.
The dongle connects via usb-c. So if your motherboard or case does not have a usb-c port, you’ll have to use the included usb-a to usb-c cable to connect the dongle.
The dongle is also quite large, extending out aprox 2.5cm/1 inch. Something that if left connected to a laptop and put in a bag, will almost certainly break off and damage your laptop or dongle. I wouldn’t use the dongle with a laptop if you can avoid it. Its so large, its the same size as my logitech dongle with a usb-c adaptor attached.
Dongle Comparison
Additionally, if your laptop only has usb-c, you’ll need to provide your own usb-c to usb-c cable to charge the mouse and to connect via wired mode.
The mouse also does not have a built-in dongle holder for transport.
Appearance and feel: I’m not in love with the cleawhite color of it, I’m very worried how over time It could stain, yellow, or look really dirty. Espc, in my case, as this mouse will be carried around in a backpack quite often. Its a very 'you'll love it, or hate it" look.
The shell is slightly textured like the black aerox 3. Its not overly textured to provide grip, but not slippery. I’ll end up adding some thin grips to mine. ( not included )
The mouse is quite short in height.I don’t have large hands at all, and my thumb can touch both the mousepad and the buttons at the same time. If you don’t like your thumb touching the mouse pad, you’ll have to rest your thumb on the buttons, which have a triangle shape rather than a flat shape, which makes them a bit slippery as your thumb can slide off the button. I could see it feeling a bit small for a palm gripper.
Personally I wish it didn’t have LED’s. I’d much rather have a slightly lighter mouse with better battery life than the gamer-bro leds. Or add more leds. The semi-transparent shell diffuses the leds nicely, but the leds are focused on the back of the mouse giving it a very uneven look in a dark room.
Wireless: The reason I bought this mouse. Both 2.4 wireless and bluetooth work great.
I can leave the dongle in my pc, and my mac connected via bluetooth, and toggling the switch on the bottom of the mouse, the connection to the other mode is instant. I don’t have to wait for either computer to connect. Very happy with this.
Price: At a $100 msrp. It feels $20 too expensive. The model O wireless is a very similar mouse ( minus bluetooth ) at $80 msrp. The razer orochi v2 is $30 cheaper, has a dongle that is slim enough to be safely left in a laptop, as well as bluetooth if you have a usb-c only laptop. In the more expensive end, you can get lighter mice, with better feeling buttons and skates.
If you just need a bluetooth only mouse, there are tons of budget mice that work just fine for portable general use with a laptop.
Conclusion: Who is this mouse for? I don’t really know.
Should you buy it? Probably not.
If you are a desktop gamer, There are tons of better and/or cheaper options out there, and wouldn’t recommend this mouse at all. Unless the mouse fits your grip perfectly, its not worth buying.
If you have a beefy gaming laptop, the large dongle kills the practicality, as you’d need to remove it every time you transport your computer. If your laptop doesn’t have usb-c, you’d need to use an adaptor to use the dongle. Which only a psycho would do that. If you play FPS, you probably don’t want to use bluetooth. Why pay $100 for a gaming mouse if you only use it in bluetooth mode? Due to the size of the dongle, you’re better off getting a different mouse and an usb-c adaptor as they will end up being the same size. Maybe if you want to use the dongle while at home at a desk, then leave it behind and use bluetooth while on the go could i recommend it. Otherwise again, hard pass.
However, if like me, you have a desktop and a laptop with a limited amount of ports ( or use OSX ), and want a lightweight wireless mouse that can easily switch between the two, its probably the best option out there.
I’m undecided if i’ll keep it myself. I still have a week left in its return window, but at the same time, for my needs I don’t know of any other mouse that fills that gap. I don’t really see myself replacing my GPX with it on my desktop, and generally my trackpad on my laptop is good enough for most of my usage that I don’t know if i can have a $100 mouse sitting in the bottom of my laptop bag, when a more generic $20 mouse will serve me just as well.
Though I am still holding out hope for an Aerox 9.
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2021.10.19 02:25 nf_highlights Jeremiah Robinson-Earl 6 PTS: All Possessions (2021-10-13)

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2021.10.19 02:25 N4gN1rN4hS Is Series S to Series X worth it?

Like many, I only have a Series S due to lack of stock in Series X. But the thing is that my Series S is new (two weeks of usage) so it's 100% new. I intended it to be good enough to last me until mid revisions of consoles.
However, twenty minutes ago I went to Amazon and saw that, after like a year with stock issues, there WAS stock for Series X. Panicked and clicked on Buy, it went through and I was excited.
Right now I am however thinking if it may be worth it and what should I do with the Series S if my X arrives tomorrow like Amazon says it will.
Is this upgrade worth it? I was originally intending on like.. 90% using streaming apps and only 10% video games. But right now it would be dumb to upgrade console only for it to be used for watching movies on Netflix and similar services.
Should I cancel it? Keep going? And nope I am not a scalper so please do not tell me to buy it and resell it.
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2021.10.19 02:25 SamEF18 Civil rights used to be about treating everyone the same.

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2021.10.19 02:25 ivaGreen The mistic nut 🌰🍂

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2021.10.19 02:25 DermaDoc2 What helped you when feeling burnt out?

I’m just curious what you people did in times when feeling particularly drained and felt like you were fed up. Maybe we can help out a few people who feel alike!
Personally, I set my phone’s wallpaper as the debt that i’ve accumulated over the course of premed to today, so that helps me push through.
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2021.10.19 02:25 aclockstrikes3 I'm an Underground Fighter, Weird Things Happen Around Halloween part 4 | by Hugh Ehhoule

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2021.10.19 02:25 trip_knight exactly how much data is wiped from a full factory reset ?

If I were to fully factory reset my 11 windows pc, and not use any of my old emails and accounts and whatnot, how much of my data is gone from the computer ? thank you for your time, i appreciate any answers.
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2021.10.19 02:25 ProtocolPro22 if i dont pay a ticket for not wearing a seat belt for 3 days what will happen?

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2021.10.19 02:25 No-Feeling-721 I feel so alone

I have no one I can talk to about everything going on the last few weeks . My husband recently told me about his porn addiction and since then has vowed to quit . Now everything is giving me so much anxiety . I have to make sure he falls asleep before me because I’m scared he might relapse , I have mini panic attacks every time he even goes to the bathroom for longer than a minute or two . I feel like I have to have more sex to make sure that he doesn’t relapse . I don’t think he even can begin to understand how badly I am struggling , with my own self image and now constant anxiety and depression . I have absolutely no one in my life I can tell because I don’t want them to judge him or me for any of this . I know my husband is struggling as well and I do have sympathy for him and I understand addiction is a disease. I just feel like I’m sitting here supporting him in his efforts to the point it’s making me sick and I have to go through it all on my own . Just a vent , I’m sorry this was long 🥺
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2021.10.19 02:25 nf_highlights Bol Bol : All Possessions (2021-10-13)

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