2021.10.19 00:56 DillMyPickle An AUTUMN X SUMMRS X ONLYBINO X BABY SANTANA X TEXAKO Beat lmk what y'all think

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2021.10.19 00:56 Tungamer They look the same

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2021.10.19 00:56 Deadboylife222 any bands similar to black flag??

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2021.10.19 00:56 asiancountrymusicfan Do schools tend to favor Mon/Wed/Fri for IIs?

Title. Wondering if Thursday and Tuesday tend to be lower volume.
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2021.10.19 00:56 Finamo7 Wip trying to make a fight scene that is as sakuga as possible for my anime

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2021.10.19 00:56 Nice_Bet956 Outriders Patch Brings Cross Play to PC (Stadia is Next)

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2021.10.19 00:56 TransFemmeQueen egg😭irl

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2021.10.19 00:56 brianthesavage17 😍

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2021.10.19 00:56 TheWhiskeyJug Octomore 12.2 Review

Octomore 12.2 Review
Octomore 12.2 Review: (5 Years, 57.3% ABV, $160) This is a wonderfully balanced earthy and fruity sweet dram with a peaty wrapper. It's a fun one to let run through the senses.

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2021.10.19 00:56 vcrtech Activation IMEI?

So my friend ported in to ATT, and when she went to activate, the IMEI shown to choose was wrong. Does that matter?
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2021.10.19 00:56 Refun712 Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Blood Lust

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2021.10.19 00:56 bringbackoldreddit1 me_irl

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2021.10.19 00:56 ZoobBot 180613

This is the 180613rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.19 00:56 Hellbl4z3r Subscribe or Battle pass?

which one is best to buy monthly for a non hardcore player?
My bet is subscribe cuz its cheap and work for 30 days, battlepass only 12 days but a lot of chests for almost double the price.
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2021.10.19 00:56 AlexTheTimid If your battery gets too big, obviously you just tape it in…kind of like a battery compression shirt when it puts on a few pounds.

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2021.10.19 00:56 Charizardyes Solene 😋

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2021.10.19 00:56 andrewstewart87 Hayes Hall Parking

Hey everyone! Next semester I am taking CSE 2231 & CSE 2321 in Dreese Labs and I usually park next to the Stadium but I have DESIGN 3104 (Game Studies Minor) in Hayes Hall which looks to be far away. I was wondering if the best way to get there would be to walk or if there are any Buses that stop near Hayes Hall. Thank you! : )
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2021.10.19 00:56 qaewrqwe4ye35yh Death is coming!!!!

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2021.10.19 00:56 Used_Volume Felt like this belonged here
When do you think the majority of society will put together the fact that there is a reason the uber wealthy are almost ALL FUCKING DEGENERATES? It cracks me up how many still haven't figured out the system elevates these degenerates because the system is degenerate. There's zero argument.
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2021.10.19 00:56 mishahorban Update Node 0.13.2 by MuIIIaHR#1929

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2021.10.19 00:56 abeja23 32 [M4F] Ottawa ON - Looking to make new connections

Looking to make new connections that eventually become friends to share experiences and mutual interests.
Me - single, professional, work out, enjoy indoors and outdoors, foodie, don't smoke, drink casually, 420 friendly. I can take sarcasm and dark jokes, no kids, never married. Very respectful. I might just block you if you pass the line of respect.
You - no matter age, marital status, neither if you have kids, education level or background. Have a good sense of humor and can take sarcasm. Can keep a text conversation alive and interesting and most importantly, respect all the way.
I am not bored or anything, just want to make new connections and share experiences with people alike.
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2021.10.19 00:56 aprosarmosto What about far cry 5

So i enjoy far cry 6 a lot although it has its flaws. I enjoy it so much that i think to buy for ps5 the far cry 5.I have played only far cry 3 back when it released and i loved it too, but nothing else from the serkes until now. Do you guys recomended it, is it as good as 6?From a little research i found its actually harder than 6 and i like that if its is really the case. Finally with all ubisoft games now that it had run its course and being fully updated i think it will be in much better shape than when it released, so does it worth it?
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2021.10.19 00:56 Level_Talk_8263 This painting ( not Halloween-y, just a normal painting of a girl with messed up eyes )

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2021.10.19 00:56 MechaOG [NA] Hunters of Fortune [HoF], is recruiting new and veteran players

Welcome to Hunters Of Fortune [HoF]

We are a group of fun-loving and friendly people who likes to enjoy GW2 together. We keep things casual but at the same time, strive to improve ourselves and help others with the same. We are home to many players who have been playing for years, as well as those who just started this game this week. We are on the smaller side guild (about 120) as we prefer to have a good community rather than high numbers.

What does our guild offer?
- LGBTQ+ friendly place
- No discrimination of any kind
- Game Veterans willing to teach you about game
- Many events:
* Fractals / Dungeons
* Raids / Strike Missions
* Map Metas
* Achievement Runs
* Bounty Runs
* Casual PvP
* etc.
We are expanding it as we get new players and officers
- Guild hall (Gilded Hollow)
- WvW once alliance comes (if it allows guild to be together)

We do have some basic requirements to join the guild
- Be active (We are not asking you to play every day)
- Contribute to guild hall upgrades
- Take part in guild events as much as you can
- We require you to join our Discord. It is okay if you do not like to talk there, but we post a lot of guild information there

New players are welcomed. We love to teach and show you around the game.

To join, please send me an in-game mail at MechaOG.2076 or discord MechaOG#1461
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2021.10.19 00:56 Fleymour HasanAbi - Adept gets a glimpse ...

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